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Excelentes resultados en diferentes patologias como irregularidades menstruales, dolor menstrual, sintomas de menopausia y climaterio, migrana, sobrepeso, obesidad, problemas de fertilidad. Estetica facial y corporal natural.
* Integrative medicine practice
* Spanish - English speaking certified practitioners
* Women's health
* Pain management
* Infertility
* Weight management
* Skin problems
* Anti-aging
* Aesthetic acupuncture
* Practitioners trained in the US, Colombia and Argentina with 10 years of experience in the medical field.
Acupuncture Quito Ecuador
Entre las patologías que tratamos destacamos las alteraciones del ciclo menstrual, dismenorrea, amenorrea, síndrome premenstrual, síndrome premenopáusico, leucorrea, esterilidad, amenaza de aborto.

La ginecología en Medicina Tradicional China es una especialidad que emplea la teoría básica de la Medicina China para conocer las características de la anatomía femenina, la fisiología, la patología, las reglas del diagnóstico y de tratamiento en las enfermedades de la mujer.

Documenta exhaustivamente la etiopatogenia y diferenciación de síndromes de diferentes patologías de la Ginecología y de las diferentes opciones de combinación de puntos atendiendo a sus principios terapéuticos.

Aporta diferentes campos de aplicación terapéutica, acupuntura, tuina, fitoterapia, según el tipo de alteración dentro del campo de la Ginecología.

Sugiere tratamientos de acupuntura y naturales, afines al tratamiento fitoterápico.

Ofrece para cada síndrome y patología la o las prescripciones más adecuadas y aquellas plantas medicinales, más idóneas en cada caso, todas ellas realizadas de forma magistral y consensuada de forma personalizada para el tratamiento.

Ofrecer variantes, complementos, y/o alternativas a las formulaciones hormonales y farmacológicas usuales. Sugiere tratamientos de acupuntura, dietéticos, de ejercicios físicos (qi-kung), afines al tratamiento fitoterápico natural.
Lorena Arguello
I am a Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, graduated from one of the best Universities in South America. Have several advance certifications in Acupuncture facelifts, the most important in New York with the pioneer in Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Ping. I am the owner of Aesthetic Acupuncture Quito (A2Q), which is the first acupuncture clinic in Ecuador that incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine with skin care to help improve most skin concerns like acne, rosacea, anti-aging, eczema, psoriasis and women’s health in general. I am also a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). I am passionate for Natural Medicine; 5 years ago I received my Certification as a Skin Specialist from the Florida College of Natural Health, since then I am integrating in my practice Alternative medicine with state of the art aesthetic techniques to improve health inside out. Last year I received my certification on Phytodermatology from the Argentinean Academy for Phyto Medicine.
I am married for 10 years now and have two amazing kids, I have a Diploma in Art, and I am looking forward to work with you and together improve your health to perfection...naturally
Francisco León
Iam a Medical Doctor with a Master’s degree from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, graduated with Honors. I was mentored by Dr. Payan from the Huneke linage in Neural Therapy, with a formal education on Systemic Family Therapy, and I have a Diplomat from the Argentinean Hahnemann’s Homeopathic Medical Association. At the moment I am finishing my specialty in Women’s Health and Gynecology according to Traditional Chinese Medicine with the European Foundation of TCM. Recently received training in Adult Teaching, and I am also a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I am finishing my Thesis for my Master’s degree in Cosmetic Tech.
I come from a family of physicians (3 generations); I am a compassionate individual with a special interest for Internal Medicine. I went to Harvard School of Medicine 3 years ago, to receive training in Pain Management. I have successfully treated several couples with fertility problems during the past 2 years in Ecuador love soccer and Martial Arts, and I am about to start my certification as a Gourmand.
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English, spanish, portuguese
Payments Accepted:Cash, check, Credit card, efectivo, cheques, tarjeta de crédito, convenio con Humana
License:Acreditados Senescyt
Quito y Cumbaya
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