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Neck Pain

Neck pain relief usually comes after a brief period of rest and light neck pain treatment. How to get rid of neck pain is determined by the cause of your discomfort and your response to recommendations at your neck pain treatment center. How to relieve neck pain when you have chronic neck pain may require more advanced techniques, most of which are non-invasive. How to treat neck pain doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Come see our pain clinic in NYC to get your neck pain evaluation and treatment. Meet our pain doctor Dr. Melepura to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best pain management specialist NYC.

Neck Pain Treatment Doctor, Specialist · Pain Management Clinic in NYCYour neck is comprised of the bones of your upper spine — also called the cervical spine — as well as muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. The neck is the first stop on the long train of nerve pathways that eventually end in every area of your body. Within your spine, the spinal cord is the nerve center of your body, connecting your brain to every spot from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It’s through those first spinal joints in your neck that nerves reach out to other parts of your body.

Neck pain can be very painful. Visit our neck pain doctor in NYC, a pain treatment specialist, for best in class treatment options. Emergency, same day appointments are available at the Midtown Manhattan doctor’s office.

Your neck is designed for flexibility, strength and stability. Any number of conditions can cause neck pain, and neck pain relief is in order when it strikes. Everything from arthritis to a severe blow to your neck can cause pain. In Midtown Manhattan, your sports and pain management medical team, leading neck pain doctors NYC makes the diagnosis so that you can start neck pain treatment as soon as possible.

Neck Pain Sources
While the source of a pain in the neck is often obvious, your NYC neck pain doctor sometimes has to play detective to find the culprit. An irritation high up in your cervical spine can lead to discomfort anywhere from your head, shoulders, arms or wrists down to your hips, legs or feet.

Chronic neck pain may result from poor ergonomics, bad sleeping patterns, spinal cord deformities or tumors. Compressed nerves, also referred to as pinched nerves, usually develop over time. But a trauma caused by a car accident or sports injury can trigger a pre-existing neck dysfunction or create new problems. Figuring out how to relieve neck pain requires specific diagnostics, a thorough history and experience you can only find by making an appointment with top neck pain doctors in NYC at your New York City neck pain treatment center.

Explain Where It Hurts
Your Manhattan neck injury team relies on your testimony about your pain in the neck to make a diagnosis. You need to convey clearly:

When the pain started
What you were doing when it began
When it’s most painful
What kinds of activities provide temporary neck pain relief
Make sure you tell our NYC neck pain specialists about any:

Stiffness in your neck
Difficulty turning your head
Sharp, shooting pains
Pain that radiates upward to your head
Radiating pain down your arms
Tingling in your arms, hands or fingers
Tenderness in your neck
Difficulty holding objects in one hand or the other
Loss of total bladder control
Balance, walking or coordination problems
How to Get Rid of Neck Pain
Once your Manhattan neck pain management doctors hears your history and symptoms, he performs a physical examination to determine how to treat neck pain in your individual circumstance. A trained neck specialist Dr. Melepura will observe how you move, sit and hold your head. He feels along your cervical spine for muscle tightness that could indicate spasms, or damage to the soft tissue. He does a few range-of-motion tests for further insight into how to get rid of neck pain for you.

The first round of treatment involves homecare, but if that initial neck pain treatment doesn’t do the trick, our NYC neck pain doctors may need further testing that could consist of:

CT Scan
Bone scan
Nerve conduction study
Blood tests
If you don’t find quick relief at home, seek medical care, consult a physician or neck specialist like Dr. Melepura in NYC to relieve your neck pain and to avoid further complications.

How to Relieve Neck Pain
Most neck pain treatment consists of rest and a few simple lifestyle changes. At your neck pain treatment center in Midtown Manhattan, you also may receive instructions for:

Ice or heat therapy
Improving your posture
Work modifications
Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medicine
If your pain in the neck doesn’t respond within three to four weeks, you may need a little more aggressive neck pain relief. Treatments by our neck pain doctors may include:

Physical therapy
Cervical spine facet injections
Cervical epidural steroid injections
Prescription pain medications
Nerve block injections
Stem cell therapy
Treating Chronic Neck Pain in NYC
Surgery may be indicated when all other options fail to provide sufficient neck pain relief. Your Manhattan pain management specialist may recommend surgical options to:

Stabilize your neck
Take out a damaged disc
Remove a nerve root
Release tension caused by compressed discs
Your neck pain doctor provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to treat neck pain. Returning you to your normal activities, sports and fitness routines, pain-free, always is the goal at your Midtown neck pain treatment center.

Do you have any questions about the neck pain treatment we offer in NYC? Would you like to schedule an appointment with the team of best rated neck pain doctors of pain management clinic in New York ? Please contact our office for consultation with the neck injury specialist in Midtown Manhattan.