Victor Ong, Lic.Ac, MFHT | Article

What Classical Acupuncture Helps

· Soul Searching / Questioning
With help and support from somebody who have been through a similar problem a person gets to the stage of deep questioning of values and beliefs in their life journey; it can be confusing, bewildering and even traumatic. The core of how they have built up who they are is being shaken and driven from the highest part of themselves. cess can help as friends and family don’t understand and may even become hostile. This is where myself and therapist who recognise this profound phase of a person’s life can be of great help. By balancing their energies and unblocking what they feel are inner obstructions, the client moves more smoothly to the new person that is emerging.

· Digestive health
IBS responds well and very quickly as the stomach, spleen, large and small intestine are all addressed by acupuncture. The energy channels work at the physical level effectively, but even more importantly, will address the mental and emotional levels where stress is being generated. A lot of digestive problems in modern society begins with bad lifestyle and stress.

· Well Woman / Hormones / Menopause
We have ways in acupuncture that help to balance hormones and move energy stagnation in the reproductive systems. A lot of major operations such as mastectomy, lumpectomy, hysterectomy and c-section will leave scars that over time will block energy (life force) flow - leading to low energy, motivation and libido. I do scar clearing as a matter of course when there is a history of major surgery. Even traumatic childbirth can leave a woman with years of emotional and physical problems that can be helped.

· Male & Female Fertility / Pre-conception Care
For fertility, the sperm can be non-optimal in several ways - count, motility and morphology. When five element acupuncture improves the whole physiology of the body, sperm characteristics mentioned are also addressed. Problems with female fertility are even more numerous with PCOS, and womb related issues. I have helped many of these, leading to conception. From experience, acupuncture is good at helping undetermined fertility (no medical explanation) and many patients have had beautiful babies after many years of trying.

· Immune/Auto-immune Disorders
Some of the autoimmune disorders have its source in deeply buried belief about self and other psychological blockages. These might not be at the conscious level and correct use of acupuncture can help them surface gradually. Acupuncture can also help with the side-effects of any medication that is taken by the client for these conditions.

· Well Man (please list out all the issues men have)
Urinary issues such as slow flow, full bladder sensations, and prostate related problems. Premature and retarded ejaculation, impotence, libido can all have physical and psychological causes. Natural or self-medication and wrong diet can cause hormonal (estrogen/testostorone) imbalance leading to breast develpoment and body fat re-distribution. Although not exclusive to men, anger and aggression issues tend to be more common in men though this seems to be changing.

· Stress / Anxiety / Panic / Fear
Responds really well to five element acupuncture as it addresses mental and emotional problems that might not even be perceived to be present. The addressing of the weakest element is what really helps with any lifting of unhelpful energy patterns.

· Post Natal Depression
See well woman section above