Teresa Shen, L.Ac, Doctor of Chinese Medicine | Article

Chinese Medicine and Happiness

Chinese Medicine is about maintaining the body’s natural flow of energy-Qi. This energy, rushing thru the meridian of the body, determines our health affecting our happiness. It is possible to express happiness when our energy is slowed but can we establish happiness as our natural of way being?
Does Chinese Medicine have ways to build happiness? Yes!

Apart from handling our disease, take a moment and think of the times of ease in your life. Times when you flowed through projects and changes. When you went into the ‘zone’ and your work and relationships were physically, mentally and emotionally easy. Your business reflected that ease. The river of you flowed around or over any obstructions pooling in serene happiness. You and your mate teamed to handle chores and tasks as if you were one. Life’s good!

These were times when your efforts matched the tasks. Your choices and decisions, though perhaps not always right, gave support to change with ease. There is a consistency to those times, we were expanded. Without the constrictive feel and sense of a battle between what you want and what life is offering. The feeling of expansion, of letting go, of the release of tensions and disease are characteristic of happiness.

Few of our patients arrive at the clinic in a strong sense of happiness. But there is an underlying belief that CM, whether acupuncture, acupressure or our herbs will relieve the dies-ease. And that is true, we free the obstructions. We build the Qi to flow more freely and this is the time to be aware of what your body is doing. Feel the expansion of energies as body relaxes.

Your attention is freed from being fixed on the problem and focuses on the encouragement to healing given by Dr Shen. Her treatment is promoting you to that expansion. Chinese Medicine builds a happiness loop. Be aware of how your bodies expands and relaxes after a treatment. Happiness from relief and ease from disease then builds more happiness.

Chinese Medicine not only cures what ails you, but the relief from pain, from the fear involved in a dies-ease is replaced with the great emotional tool of well being and happiness. A commitment to Chinese Medicine is a commitment to happiness for good health.