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Acupuncture for the Whole Family

Acupuncture is one modality within a complex system of medicine that proliferated in China, spread throughout Asia and into the West. Chinese medicine has been developing for thousands of years and has evolved as a highly effective art and science of promoting health and well-being. We can view a person as a whole and see all the parts of the whole as being whole within themselves, as well as being interrelated. For example, cells comprise all of our organs, tissues, and ultimately the entire human organism. Cells can be identified as being whole unto themselves. The structures and systems which make up our biology are made of the same basic building blocks, which form increasingly complex structures that interact with each other at increasingly higher levels of relatedness. The human organism thus can be seen as a whole that is made up of smaller inter-related wholes that create systems of increasing complexity. This is just one example of how higher levels of inter-relatedness can emerge. The practice of Chinese medicine holds the ability to see systems through this holistic and integral point of view. This perspective may be applied to any aspect of life, from the human body and mind, to social systems, to the complex and interconnected ecology of our planet.

A family can be considered as a whole, and we can see the individuals that make up a family to be whole and interrelated. As we all know the health and well-being of parents can affect the health and well-being of their children, and vice-versa. There is a saying in Chinese Medicine--"treat the mother to treat the child". When the health and well-being of any individual in a family is addressed, the whole family may benefit, and more harmonious levels of relatedness can emerge. With Chinese medicine, the quality of the inter-relatedness of systems and the functional integrity of a whole may be diagnosed and treated. The use of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helps to enhance the balanced functioning of systems in patients, helping them to overcome a broad range of health issues and increase their quality of life. Through thousands of years of clinical practice, Chinese medicine has been proven safe and effective for treating practically any condition. The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health have concluded that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of several ailments including painful conditions and digestive problems.

The practice of Chinese medicine is an art and science of improving the relatedness of systems that make up a whole, thus helping to restore its integrity. When there is a higher degree of functional integrity in an individual, there can be a higher quality of relatedness with everyone and everything they encounter, including family and other relationships. Healthy individuals make up healthy families, and healthy families make for healthy communities. My practice, Atlantic Acupuncture and Oriental Medical Center, is conveniently located between Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach in Holly Hill. I began my clinical practice of Chinese medicine in 1999 and have been in private practice since 2002. My practice gives me the extraordinary opportunity to serve the world through helping individuals.