Nature's Grace Acupuncture Center, Inc.

What are the common ailments you treat?

Treatment efficacy depends on the severity and nature of the condition being treated. acupuncturists are trained to identify conditions that may require referral to a specialist, so it is important for you to provide detailed information about your conditions so that important medical problems are not overlooked.

if you are under the simultaneous care of different health practitioners, it is important to keep all of them informed about your treatments to ensure there are no adverse interactions among treatments.

the following is a list of conditions commonly treated by our licensed acupuncturist:

• allergies/asthma
• anxiety/depression
• arthritis/joint problems
• back and neck pain
• bladder/kidney problems
• childhood illnesses
• constipation/diarrhea
• colds/influenza
• cough/bronchitis
• dizziness
• drug/alcohol/smoking addiction
• effects of chemotherapy
• fatigue
• gastrointestinal disorders
• headache/migraine
• high blood pressure
• immune system deficiency
• problems infertility
• knee pain
• menopausal discomfort
• musculoskeletal injuries
• pre-menstrual syndrome
• paralysis/numbness
• rhinitis
• sciatica
• sexual dysfunction
• sinusitis
• skin problems
• stress/tension
• tendonitis