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Helen Smallwood on 3 Counties Radio - Talking Acupuncture and Depression.
Shaftesbury Clinic Helen Smallwood appeared on BBC Three Counties Radio - Shink Wrapped, with Toby Friedner and Dr Chetna Kang, on the 2nd February.

Helen was discussing the evidence base and benefits of acupuncture. Click Here to Listen: http://bit.ly/HelenSmallwood3CR

Helen was talking about the ACUDep study, which was carried out at York University.
Finding Resources on Acupuncture
We spend a great deal of time reading and researching our field, and there are many journals and publications in #acupuncture nowadays.

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Keeping You Up-To-Date with Acupuncture News and Research
We curate several acupuncture resources, including twitter, scoop.it, and google+ because we love to keep up to date with all the latest happenings and #research in the #acupuncture world.

Lots of information is available on our website, so this is a good starting point.

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