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Floridians: Your Right To Acupuncture Is In Danger

Our dear Gov Scott, in his infinite wisdom to help reduce PIP fraud is pushing for a bill that will make him richer and reduce YOUR RIGHTS to chose what treatments you want. House Bill HB119 is far worse than the Senate version, as it states that victims of auto accidents must seek help at an Emergency Room within 72 hours. This is ridiculous. First, because some patients don't experience symptoms for weeks or months and second, because the Governor's wife still owns Urgent Care centers.

The Senate bill is a bit more liberal, but also limits visits and completely EXCLUDES MASSAGE & ACUPUNCTURE for reimbursement. These are two wonderful modalities of care that are widely used and very successful.

Just who does the legislature think they are to dictate which LICENSED health professionals you may see?

I am in favor of reducing fraud in the system. And Hillsboro County has done so by limiting access to PIP benefits to clinics owned by NON Physicians. THey reduced fraud by 63%! Why not try that statewide first before reducing OUR rights to Choose.