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Acupuncture For Back, Neck, And Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

For the past several years I had suffered from severe pain in my back due largely to poor lifting and bending habits while gardening. While chiropractic and physical therapy helped a great deal, much of the pain remained. I am so glad that I have turned to acupuncture. It has proved to be an excellent solution to constant pain. I feel better than I have for years. - P.P.

Low Back Pain

I was new to acupuncture and didn't have any idea how coming to you would turn my life around. Now 2 short months later, I am almost done with my treatments and my body is almost healed. I am so grateful for what you have done for me. I had been in a car accident and dealing with pain for over a year. Living daily with pain had become a tiresome way of life for me.

My first visit was right after seeing my chiropractor and I was still in a lot of pain. I remember whincing with pain taking care both when I sat down and stood up as both of these things set off the back pain so much. I carefully got onto the acupuncture table, had my treatment, and was so surprised when I got off the table that there was no more pain. It was gone and I couldn't believe it! You explained that the pain would come and go, which it did over the weekend, but was never the intense pain that I had felt. Now 2 months later, it is nothing more than a very faint discomfort and discomfort seems like too strong of a word.

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to seeing your smiling face at each of my visits. I give you my highest recommendation and feel good knowing that whoever comes to see you will get the best treatment possible. - M.B.

Neck & Thumb Pain

Thank you so much for your help! It is amazing the relief I have felt not having the pain in my hands. I knew that one thing had led to another in what was causing the pain, but you really have changed my whole body. The pain in my thumbs were from my neck being so bad and the difference is 95% better in just 2 weeks. You listened to what my problems were and solved it, where I have just been medicated and not solved before. Thank you from a dedicated patient. - L.G.

Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

After going to my Chiropractor for 3 months for back, shoulder and neck pain and also suffering from years of a dermatological condition that creams and ointments did nothing for, I came to see Gina on my daughter's recommendation. Several treatments later, my back, shoulder and neck pain were a lot better, Also the herbs that Gina prescribed to me reduced the dermatitis significantly. I am now finished with my series of treatments with no more pain and the dermatitis is completely gone. I am 68 years old and now enjoy gardening, biking, hiking and camping again, thanks to Gina. - B.M.