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Keep in Balance During the Holidays - Be Like Bamboo

The holidays are supposed to be fun and restful. This period, however, is usually stressful for many people. One reason for this is that we have high expectations and beliefs that the holidays will be a time of relaxing with family, getting along with everyone and enjoying the fruits of the year. Commonly, this holiday season is scheduled with cleaning, shopping, running around and travelling. It's no reason that people need a vacation after this "holiday season".

One way to get around this is to think about the Chinese notion of balance. Make a choice - would you rather be an oak tree or a bamboo tree? The oak is strong and majestic, while the bamboo is smaller and more fragile. When a storm hits, however, the oak tree is the first to get uprooted, as it tries to "fight" against the storm. It is inflexible. The bamboo, meanwhile, survives and flourishes as it is adaptable and able to bend with the circumstances of the wind.

For this reason, do not try to fight life or the stresses that go along with it. Try to be like bamboo and be flexible in your thinking. It will keep you in good health throughout this holiday season and beyond.

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