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Reboot Your Body: Thyroid Liver Heart & Intestines (According to Dr Oz)

I read a great piece on about how to strengthen and basically reboot four major systems of your body. Every day I work with people that have compromised organ systems, using acupuncture, biopuncture and more i help many people back to great health. Dr Oz has a nicely package here and it’s definitely worth having a look at and following his suggestions in addition to the exercise, acupuncture and massage that your already doing to stay balanced and healthy.

Highlights of Dr. Oz’s Complete Body Restart Guide are to boost your thyroid, detox your liver, keep your heart strong and optimize your digestion/intestines. Please visit Dr Oz site at

Some symptoms that may indicate thyroid dis-balance are: fatigue, weight gain, coarse hair and dry skin. To help nutritionally you may want to eat foods abundant in selenium like eggs, whole grains, sunflower seeds …. (more info go direct to Dr Oz)

Detox and revitalize your liver. A healthy diet rich in greens and lean protein allows your liver to do its job properly without being overrun by toxins. Dr Oz suggests #1 A morning elixir (daily), using ¼ cup warm water, juice of lemon wedge, 2 dashes of hot pepper sauce. Or Dr Oz suggestion #2 Eat 3 Cups of Bitter Greens or Cruciferous Vegetables Daily. Eating these plant foods daily will not only help restart your liver, but also make a difference in your overall health.

Revitalize Your Heart; If you want to restart your body, the number-one organ you must take into consideration is your heart. Start taking 600mg DHA Omega-3 Supplement Daily. If You’re Over 40, Take Two 81mg Low-dose Aspirin Before Bedtime. Eat Two Servings of Soluble Fiber Daily. Soluble fiber found in foods such as oatmeal, apples, pears, citrus, beans, peas, carrots, quinoa and barley wicks bad cholesterol away from your arteries. Aim for two servings per day.

To banish pain in your gut and restart your intestines, turn to prebiotics – Eat two-four servings per day. Prebiotics are the foods you need to eat in order to aid digestion of probiotics – the good bacteria found in foods such as Greek yogurt. Without prebiotics, the “bad” unwanted bacteria have an unfair advantage over probiotics and can cause a range of issues, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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