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Acupuncturists nearAustin

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Marty Calliham, LAc
Find out what acupuncture can do for you! Heal from injuries faster, support healthy systems functioning, and feel clearer and happier. Call or email me for an appointment. I am licensed by the Texas Medical Board, license number AC00422. I have been in continual practice since 1999. I have extensive experience in pain relief, auto accident injuries, as
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Austin, TX 78748
Wally Doggett, L.Ac.
South Austin Community Acupuncture
South Austin Community Acupuncture is committed to making acupuncture affordable and accessible for all. We offer acupuncture on a sliding scale in a comfortable group setting. You pick what you pay for treatment between $15 and $40, plus there is a $10 new patient fee with the first visit. We stock a wide range of Chinese herbs.
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Austin, TX 78704
Chinese Herbs
Guili Zheng, Ph.D., M.D. (China), L.Ac
Actual Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine
Allergy Pain Fatigue Stress Anxiety Facial Paralysis Gastrointestinal Disorders Neuropathy PMS and Menopause Menstrual problems Endometriosis Irritable Bowel Syndromes Fibromyalgia Muscle Spasms and Night Sweating Skin Disorders Sports Injuries Depression Insomnia Weight Control Infertility Quit Smoking
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Austin, TX 78704
Billy Zachary, L.Ac.
Acupuncture Changes Lives
Welcome to Acupuncture Changes Lives, a clinic where you can relieve stress and get back on the road to a healthy, balanced body and mind using the time-tested techniques of East Asian medicine. Billy Zachary, L.Ac is here to assist you on your journey to recovery and relaxation. You will see for yourself how well acupuncture really works. Through my training as a
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Austin, TX 78722