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Acupuncturists nearPortland

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Naturopathic and Functional Medicine in North Portland
Naturopathic and Acupuncture care all in the same visit!
Shawn Soszka, N.D., L.Ac.
Blue Sky Wellness Studio
As a Naturopathic and Chinese medicine physician, I focus on treating the underlying cause of disease often resulting in "miraculous" cures to even the most complicated health disorders. Using the holistic healing principles of both Nature Cure (Naturopathic) and the ancient system of Chinese medicine I custom tailor treatments to the individual and not the disease. T
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97227
Vickie Golab, Macom, L.Ac.
Vickie Golab, LAc, MAcOM
Points Of Health Acupuncture, LLC
Vickie provides whole family wellness solutions to people of all ages. Her professional focus includes general medicine with extensive training in the following areas: Zhu Scalp Acupuncture Neurological & Neuromuscular Conditions, Migraine Headache, Post Stroke, and Pain – all forms Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Mei Zen Acupuncture Gynecol
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97219
Relief for Acute or Chronic Pain
Peter Martin, LAc LMT MAcOM
Balance Medicine Acupuncture & Massage
Peter Martin is a licensed acupuncturist of 17 years, whose work is informed by 33 years as a licensed massage therapist and an interdisciplinary B.A. in Dance, Movement Studies and Health and Healing from Naropa University. His professional credentials include a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, diploma
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97205
The Wound Is the Place Where the Light Enters You. ~Rumi
Aiden Seraphim, LAc.
Heart Center Transformational Acupuncture
My focus is on treating individuals of all ages dealing with stress, trauma and chronic disease. I specialize in working with patients who suffer from pain (including motor vehicle accidents), addiction issues, emotional and physical disorders causing poor digestion and insomnia, allergies, skin disorders, menopausal symptoms and auto immune disorders. I offer a wide
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97214
Dr. Kimberly Hindman, Nd, L.Ac.
Everyone can achieve a greater degree of health, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and being a licensed Naturopath AND acupuncturist, I can provide many treatment options. I have had a family practice for 7 years and some of my special interests include cancer (primary and supportive care), pain management, hormone disorders, stress management, digesti
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97219
Calming, Gentle, Effective.
Marcia Mueller, L.Ac.
Different Drummer Acupuncture
If you’re looking for a practice where you’re treated as an individual in a calm and nurturing environment then my practice might be for you. When I started Different Drummer Acupuncture in 1998 I tried to make it a place that people would want to come to and based on the comments I get from my patients I think that I’ve succeeded. Acupuncture is a complete medica
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97225
Keeping Portland Healthy for Over 30 Years!!
Stephen Snyder, LAc
East-West Acupuncture Clinic
Are you having low back or neck pain? Do you have headaches? Do you have digestive problems? Would you like to stop smoking naturally? Do you have skin problems? Are you struggling with Infertility? We can help you!! You will get a through intake, diagnosis and treatment. Your treatment may include: moxa (heat), cupping, Tui Na (massage), Chinese Herbs and/or nut
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97266
Anatomy Acupuncture, LLC
Alexis Goldstein, L.Ac., C.SMA
Anatomy Acupuncture, LLC
At Anatomy Acupuncture we provide an integrative approach to orthopedic medicine as well as general health in the Portland metro area. Our approach combines the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine and biomedical modalities to keep you healthy and active. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality health care for your body, mind and soul.
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Portland, OR 97217