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Acupuncturists nearSeattle

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Dr Samantha Evans
Samantha Evans, ND, LM, CPM
Seattle Naturopathy Acupuncture And Birth Center
I am trained as a primary care naturopathic physician. I emphasize the body's innate healing ability by giving it the tools it needs to treat itself. I believe prevention is key to wellness. This includes a healthy diet and lifestyle, stress reduction, good sleep and healthy relationships. Although I can (and will if need be) prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, I first li
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98112
Kira Baum, ND LAc
I am a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist in Seattle, Washington. I provide comprehensive holistic health care for most medical concerns. My passion is to assist people in achieving their health goals. This site is designed to be a resource for students taking my nutrition classes, patients, and those wanting to learn more about my approach to health.
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98115
Acupuncture and Massage Therapy
Julie Jenkins, EAMP, LAc, LMP
Julie Jenkins
Julie approaches her practice of Acupuncture and Massage Therapy with passion for helping individuals experience the higher quality of life they yearn for. Her intentions are to approach each person with a nurturing, supportive foundation while providing encouragement for a better way of health. She looks at each persons health and their work together as a collabora
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98115
Taunya Mattson, L.Ac.
I specialize in helping you through difficult situations where you feel stuck. Our society places us under constant stress. Our bodies are designed to use stress temporarily to escape danger, but have difficulty processing the constant levels of stress we experience today. Stress can overwhelm your system, causing symptoms such as pain, trouble with digestion
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98102
Natural Healing for a Modern World
Uptown Acupuncture And Herbs
During your visit to Uptown Acupuncture & Herbs in Seattle our goal is to make sure you are relaxed, comfortable, and getting the results you desire. We believe that the most compassionate thing we can do is to help you to achieve your own goals for treatment and wellness. We have special experience and interest in the following areas: + Helping people recover f
Seattle, WA 98199
Jen Garden Acupuncture
I have an eclectic practice and incorporate into my gentle treatments tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, flower essences, and Reiki. I am a knowledgeable, compassionate, and intuitive acupuncturist with an easy laugh. Jen Garden Acupuncture is centrally located in the Univerity District of Seattle at the corner of NE 45th St and 9th Ave NE in Metro Cinema buil
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98105
Naturopathic Pediatric Care
Women's Health
Arika Dortero, ND
West Seattle natural Medicine
I am a primary care Naturopathic Physician, specializing in Pediatrics, Women’s Health, and Breastfeeding and Lactation Support. I provide medical care as well as preventative treatment. As a Naturopathic physician I practice wellness based health care by providing you with tools to empower yourself and strive toward optimal health. I feel strongly that part of b
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98112
Restoring Well Being and balance
Kristen Mattisson, EAMP, L.Ac., LMP
Queen Anne Natural Health
Kristen is passionate about helping clients alleviate pain and restore well being. Each treatment and approach is customized to the individual with the intent to bring every person closer to living a more balanced and stress-free life. Kristen is also a licensed massage therapist in Washington and incorporates touch in to most of her treatments. Special interes
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98119
Diane Lee, ND, L.Ac.
Seattle Naturopathic And Acupuncture Center
Seattle Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Diane Lee works closely with each patient to uncover the root of one's ailments. Acupuncture, herbal supports and Naturopathic treatments are used to open up the body's meridians and restart the body's natural healing process. At Seattle Acupuncture Center, Dr. Lee works to create a plan to rebalance the system through
Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine
Seattle, WA 98105
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