Please Don't Judge How Desperate I Am To Be Pregnant
To the woman who gets pregnant after a couple of months of trying
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
9 Ways Cats Make Our Lives Better (Kind Of)
When we need reminders to step away from technology, cats are our brave warriors. They ll lie across our computer keyboards or sit in front of our television screens, shielding us from our vices. They intervene by jumping on us when we fall down the internet-browsing rabbit hole because they know we might waste hours that could instead be spent petting them And when the time comes, they know we ll return the favor and save them from the vacuum.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
Stress Management In The Face Of Infertility
You ve been struggling with infertility and want a baby so badly that you have to cross the street to avoid every pregnant woman you encounter, or when a friend announces a pregnancy you vacillate between the need to congratulate her and the very real desire to scream.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
Thoughts On Depression
The passing of Chris Cornell sparked stunned sadness in many people, in no small part because his lyrics, music, and signature singing style had given shape and meaning to their own struggles with isolation, with depression, with despair. His music helped a generation feel less alone. He couldn t give himself the same comfort he gave others and left. He left just as my best friend left in 2012, after she fought a long, hard battle with depression. After ho ...
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
Why I Am OK With Having A Disorder
I have post-traumatic stress disorder. I ve had it since 1997 after witnessing a freak accident that took my father s life. I have lived with this disorder for half of my life, but today, thanks to much therapy and learning the tools to help with my PTSD, I am happy and living a purposeful, fulfilling life.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16
Is Facial Acupuncture The New Botox?
A typical facial acupuncture treatment involves about 40 needles in the face and 12 needles on the body, though that can vary depending on an individual s skin goals. Needles are left in the skin for about 20 to 25 minutes. Singh added that the treatment is part of a holistic approach to healing, as it s said to be able to address skin concerns as well as things like digestive issues or anxiety.
Huffington Post - Sat. May 16