Sleep quality could be improved with mindfulness meditation
New research suggests that practicing mindfulness meditation could be a great way for older adults to improve the quality of their sleep.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 9
Roseroot may have potential as alternative treatment for depression
A herb used in traditional European folk medicine for over 3,000 years could be a potential treatment option for depression, according to the results of a new study.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 9
Homeopathy: harmful and unscientific or misunderstood?
Does homeopathy fly in the face of science or is it the most misunderstood of all the major forms of complementary medicine Two doctors - one for and one against homeopathy - argue in The BMJ whether it should be recommended to patients.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 9
Acupuncture has 'similar mode of action to psychiatric drugs'
In a controlled experiment with rats, acupuncture was effective against treating chronic stress, according to a report in the journal Endocrinology - with the results suggesting a mode of action similar to that of anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 9
Mindfulness meditation may help smokers quit - even those with no willpower
Behavioral training such as mindfulness meditation may be effective at enhancing self-control toward quitting smoking - even for people who have no desire to give up, say experts.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 9
Survey reinforces further understanding of dietary deficiencies and optimum nu...
September 8, 2015, New York, New York- Data from a three-country survey seeking to understand beliefs of adults on the role of diet for optimal health, as well as consumption of key micronutrients including Omega-3 and Vitamin D, will be published in the November December issue of Nutrition Today . The survey of 3,000 American, British and German adults found that 72 percent reported having a healthy or optimal diet and more than half 52 percent believed t ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Sep 9
Acupuncture reduces hot flashes in breast cancer survivors
PHILADELPHIA -- Acupuncture may be a viable treatment for women experiencing hot flashes as a result of estrogen-targeting therapies to treat breast cancer, according to a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Hot flashes are particularly severe and frequent in breast cancer survivors, but current FDA-approved remedies for these unpleasant episodes, such as hormone replacement therapies are off-lim ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Sep 3
Can marijuana help transplant patients? New research says maybe
Here s another discovery to bolster the case for medical marijuana New research in mice suggests that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may delay the rejection of incompatible organs. Although more research is necessary to determine if there are benefits to humans, this suggests that THC, or a derivative, might prove to be a useful antirejection therapy, particularly in situations where transplanted organs may not be a perfect match. These findings ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Sep 2
Know it's a placebo? CU-Boulder study shows the 'medicine' could still work
You don t think you re hungry, then a friend mentions how hungry he is or you smell some freshly baked pizza and whoaaa, you suddenly feel really hungry. Or, you ve had surgery and need a bit of morphine for pain. As soon as you hit that button you feel relief even though the medicine hasn t even hit your bloodstream. These are two examples of the oft-studied placebo effect that demonstrate the amazing and still somewhat confounding powers of the human bra ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Aug 25
Acupuncture impacts same biologic pathways in rats that pain drugs target in h...
WASHINGTON -- In animal models, acupuncture appears to impact the same biologic pathways ramped up by pain and stress, analogous to what drugs do in humans. Georgetown University Medical Center GUMC researchers say their animal study, published online in Endocrinology , provides the strongest evidence to date on the mechanism of this ancient Chinese therapy in chronic stress. The benefits of acupuncture are well known by those who use it, but such proof is ...
EurekAlert - Fri. Aug 21
Elderberry benefits air travelers
The negative health effects of international air travel are well documented but now it seems that the common elderberry can provide some relief. Associate Professor Evelin Tiralongo and Dr Shirley Wee from Griffith s Menzies Health Institute Queensland MHIQ have completed a clinical trial showing that an elderberry supplement can provide some protection from cold and flu-like symptoms following long-haul flights. Intercontinental air travel can be stressfu ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Aug 20
Most chronic pain patients use alternative therapies, but many don't tell thei...
PORTLAND, Ore., July 20, 2015 -- More than half of chronic pain patients in a managed care setting reported using chiropractic care or acupuncture or both, but many of these patients didn t discuss this care with their primary care providers. These study results, published today in the American Journal of Managed Care , suggest that better care coordination is needed among patients and physicians. Researchers surveyed more than 6,000 patients in Oregon and ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Aug 19