Active ingredient of aconite root against peripheral neuropathic pain is ident...
The root of Aconitum carmichaeli Ranunculaceae , is a crude drug used in traditional Chinese or Japanese kampo medicine to treat pain associated with coldness. Since aconite root is highly toxic, processing methods for detoxifying have been developed, and toxic ingredients such as aconitine and mesaconitine degrade into benzoylaconine and benzoylmesaconitine by heat-processing. Although the analgesic activity and the toxicity of mesaconitine is strong, tho ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 15
Lots of patients with cancer, cancer survivors use but don't report complement...
Bottom Line This study used data from a nationwide survey to estimate how many patients with cancer and cancer survivors use complementary and alternative medicines CAMS in addition to or instead of conventional therapies, and how many don t disclose that to their physicians. Among about 3,100 survey participants reporting a history of cancer, 33.3 percent used CAMs in the past 12 months and the most commonly used were herbal supplements 35.8 percent , fol ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 15
One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine
DALLAS - April 11, 2019 - A stunning one-third of people with a cancer diagnosis use complementary and alternative medicines such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and supplements. Watch video Complementary and alternative medicines Are they a good for cancer patients UT Southwestern Medical Center s Dr. Nina Sanford made the discovery that s now drawing renewed attention to habits she said cancer patients must disclose during treatment. D ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 15
Best diet for hypothyroidism: Good foods, what to avoid, and meal plan
A person s diet can have a significant impact on the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Some foods can improve the condition while others can make it worse or interfere with medications.
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
Does cupping therapy work and what are the benefits?
There is some evidence to suggest that cupping therapy may be beneficial for certain health conditions. However, research into cupping therapy tends to be low-quality. More studies are necessary to understand how cupping therapy works, if it works, and in what situations it may help.
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
Mindfulness and meditation's effects on health
Practicing meditation or mindfulness techniques is, at least anecdotally, supposed to smooth your way to a happier, more healthful life. But what does science say about these practices
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
CBD for depression: Does is help?
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural compound that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks in part to a growing body of research into its potential health benefits, which may include treating depression. The initial results of some studies into CBD and depression look promising.
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
Marshmallow root: Benefits, risks, and uses
Marshmallow root, or Althaea officinalis , is a flowering plant that has played a role in herbal medicine for centuries.
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
Vitamin B complex: Benefits, uses, side effects, risks, and dosage
Vitamin B refers to not one, but eight different vitamins. All B vitamins play a role in converting food into energy in the body. Each vitamin also has a unique role in a person s health.
Medical News Today - Wed. Apr 3
New research shows people with PAD could have an omega-3 deficiency
New research published in the March 18th edition of Lipids showed that people who have peripheral artery disease PAD have a lower Omega-3 Index compared to those who don t have the disease. PAD is a disease that affects the blood vessels outside the heart and brain. Evidence from other studies suggests that omega-3s affect many steps of the atherosclerotic process. More specifically, they improve endothelial function promote vasodilatation through relaxati ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Apr 3
After legalization, Colorado hospital saw a three-fold increase in cannabis-re...
1. After legalization, Colorado hospital saw a 3-fold increase in cannabis-related ER visits The observed proportion of cannabis-attributable ER visits with edible exposure was about 33 times higher than expected Abstract http annals. org aim article doi 10. 7326 M18-2809 Editorial http annals. org aim article doi 10. 7326 M19-0452 URLs go live when the embargo lifts Following legalization of marijuana, Colorado has seen a steep increase in cannabis-relate ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Apr 3
Making Acupuncture Even Safer
Uniformly improving the quality of acupuncture needles would help prevent potential problems such as skin reactions and pain, according to a new study. Acupuncture needle manufacturers, including the well-established ones, should review and improve their quality-control procedures for fabrication of needles, said researcher Yi Min Xie, of the Center for Innovative Structures and Materials at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Acupuncture, a centuries ...
Healthday - Wed. Apr 3