Cálculos renales: Remedios caseros, factores de riesgo y cuando es necesario ...
Los c lculos renales son dep sitos duros que se forman en los ri ones. Los c lculos tienen que viajar a trav s del tracto urinario para salir del cuerpo, lo que se conoce como la eliminaci n de los c lculos renales, algo que puede resultar bastante doloroso.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jan 14
Garlic and HIV: Are there any effects or benefits?
Garlic is a common ingredient that may lower blood pressure and reduce a person s risk of certain types of cancers. However, what does the research say what about garlic and HIV Can consuming garlic help people with HIV, or does it cause more harm
Medical News Today - Mon. Jan 14
Royal jelly benefits backed by science
Royal jelly is a creamy white substance with a high nutrient content that young bees make to feed queen bee larvae. There are claims that it offers a range of health benefits, such as easing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and supporting wound healing.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jan 14
Herbal tinctures: 6 types and recipes
An herbal tincture is a concentrated liquid form of one or more herbs. To make a tincture, a person must soak parts of an herb for several weeks in alcohol or vinegar.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jan 14
New study finds worrisome statistics around medical cannabis users operating v...
More than half of people who take medical cannabis for chronic pain say they ve driven under the influence of cannabis within two hours of using it, at least once in the last six months, according to a new study. One in five of them said they d driven while very high in the past six months, researchers from the University of Michigan Addiction Center report in the journal Drug Alcohol Dependence . Lead author Erin E. Bonar, Ph.D., assistant professor of ps ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Jan 14
6 uses and benefits of petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly is a thick, waxy paste that many people use as a skin care product and treatment for minor cuts and burns. Other names for petroleum jelly include petrolatum and Vaseline, a common brand name.
Medical News Today - Mon. Dec 31
Health benefits of gold, frankincense, and myrrh
Three compounds, connected by their mention in the story of Jesus birth, may provide benefits beyond their gift of seasonal joy. Here, we investigate their healing powers.
Medical News Today - Mon. Dec 31
Many Say Ketamine Eased Their Depression, But Is It Safe?
Jen Godfrey couldn t shake the deep cloud that lingered even after she found an antidepressant she could tolerate. Then a string of stressors hit -- five years of fertility treatment and an 80-pound weight gain during pregnancy that left her with persistent pain a close relative s suicide another who went missing and her own divorce. It was all too much for Godfrey, a recovering alcoholic with a family history of depression. The life stuff just had a gravi ...
Healthday - Mon. Dec 31
Opioids May Help Chronic Pain, But Not Much
Potentially addictive opioid painkillers are often prescribed for chronic pain, but they actually work only slightly better than placebo pills, a new review shows. The analysis, of 96 clinical trials, found that on average, opioids made only a small difference for people with conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and sciatica. And the modest pain relief sometimes came at a cost of side effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation and drowsiness. The ...
Healthday - Thu. Dec 20
Physical Therapy Can Help You Avoid Opioids When Joint Pain Strikes
People who get prompt physical therapy for pain in the knee, shoulder or lower back may have less need for opioid painkillers, new research suggests. The study, of nearly 89,000 U.S. patients, found that people given physical therapy for their pain were 7 percent to 16 percent less likely to fill a prescription for an opioid. The researchers said the findings suggest that early physical therapy is one way to reduce Americans use of the risky, potentially a ...
Healthday - Thu. Dec 20
Study shows massage helps ease arthritis pain, improve mobility
DURHAM, N.C. -- Patients with arthritis in their knees experienced significant improvement in pain and mobility after undergoing a weekly, whole-body massage for two months, according to a study led by researchers at Duke Health. The finding, appearing online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine , suggests that massage could offer a safe and effective complement to the management of knee osteoarthritis, at least in the short term. Osteoarthritis is ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Dec 20
Mindfulness training may help support weight loss
WASHINGTON--Mindfulness training may improve the effectiveness of intensive weight management programs, according to a small study published in the Endocrine Society s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism . Individuals who participated in mindfulness training as part of an intensive weight management program lost more weight in six months than other program participants who did not attend mindfulness courses. The findings are the result of research ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Dec 20