Passionflower for anxiety and sleep: Benefits and side effects
Passionflower is a variety of exotic vine flower with curly purple or blue tentacle-like petals. One variety of passionflower, Passiflora incarnata , may help treat anxiety, insomnia, and pain.
Medical News Today - Mon. Nov 26
Diet, Exercise Can Ease Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment
Exercise and healthy eating can counter the harmful side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer, a new study suggests. Androgen-deprivation therapy suppresses testosterone and other male hormones that drive prostate cancer growth. But suppressing those hormones leads to loss of muscle mass and strength as well as increased body fat, which puts patients at risk for diabetes, heart disease and other health problems, the Ohio State University research ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Aromatherapy: The Scent of Dispute
Aromatherapy is an affordable, accessible natural path to relief for a variety of health problems, ranging from arthritis pain to nausea to drowsiness, supporters insist. But skeptics dismiss any claims that the use of essential oils from flowers, herbs and trees can promote health in any way. And both sides are unlikely to relinquish their positions anytime soon. Aromatherapy works for so many different things, it is amazing, said Kelly Holland Azzaro, a ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Sex Lives Often an Overlooked Casualty of Traumatic Brain Injury
For the more than 3 million Americans living with traumatic brain injury, there is often an unspoken problem Many suffer from sexual dysfunction, something that is easily overlooked as patients struggle with overwhelming physical and emotional issues that can last for years, new research has found. The sexual difficulties usually become most apparent about six months after the injury and, if left unaddressed, worsen with time, said study author Jhon Alexan ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Yoga, Meditation May Help Dementia Patients and Caregivers Alike
Life with Alzheimer s disease or other dementias can be difficult for the affected individual and his or her caregiver. But a small British study suggests that a holistic program involving yoga, meditation and other interventions can ease the burden for both. This is an activity that caregivers and patients can do together, said study lead author Yvonne J-Lyn Khoo, a researcher with the Health and Social Care Institute at Teesside University in Middlesbrou ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
1 in 12 Americans Lives With Debilitating Chronic Pain
Of the 50 million Americans living with chronic pain, the pain is so bad for 20 million that it keeps them from doing the daily activities of life, researchers say. According to a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic pain and high-impact chronic pain are more common among women, older adults, the poor, people previously employed, those with public health insurance or living in rural areas. Not only is chronic pain widesp ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Kratom Use in Pregnancy Spurs Withdrawal Symptoms in Newborns
Although the herbal supplement kratom is still legal and widely available, its opioid-like effects have caused significant withdrawal symptoms in at least two newborns in the United States and that should raise concerns, researchers say. A case study of a baby boy exposed to kratom during his mother s pregnancy -- only the second American case reported -- likely signifies a broader trend among pregnant women toward seeking alternatives to opioid painkiller ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
More Evidence Acupuncture Can Ease Chronic Pain
When it comes to the relief of chronic pain, acupuncture is indeed effective, a sweeping review of previous research finds. The conclusion stems from a fresh analysis of initial raw data that had been collected by 29 studies previously conducted in Germany, Spain, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom. Collectively, these past investigations had involved nearly 18,000 patients. We looked at only the best-quality studies, said study author Andrew ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Acupuncture May Ease Pain Tied to Breast Cancer Care
Some common breast cancer medications can trigger joint pain, but new research suggests acupuncture may ease that side effect. The finding could be a win-win for breast cancer patients, said one oncologist who reviewed the study. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and has no real downside, said Dr. Lauren Cassell, chief of breast surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. If something so simple as acupuncture can improve upon these sy ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
No Evidence Acupuncture Boosts Fertility Treatment
Although some women may try acupuncture hoping it will help them conceive, new research suggests it won t. The study compared outcomes for more than 800 Australian and New Zealand women who underwent either real or sham acupuncture along with their in vitro fertilization IVF treatments. The women ranged in age from 18 to 42 and underwent IVF cycles using fresh embryos, according to an Australian team led by Caroline Smith, of the NICM Health Research Insti ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
Tennis Elbow 'Treatments' Bring Little Relief: Study
Treatments for tennis elbow are generally ineffective, researchers say, but don t despair The painful condition will usually clear up on its own. Each year, approximately 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with tennis elbow -- inflammation caused by overuse of the tendons in the forearm. The condition can affect anyone who uses their hands and wrists for hours each day, such as carpenters, food workers, manufacturers and office workers. Patients can choose fr ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26
For Pain Relief, Why Not Try Drug-Free Alternatives?
Pain sends more people to the doctor than any other ailment. But if you don t want relief from a medicine bottle -- or when that relief isn t enough -- consider complementary and integrative health approaches for their emotional as well as physical benefits. Though certain types of movement can feel painful, especially if you re in the midst of an osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis flare, some exercise disciplines are actually soothing. Popular movemen ...
Healthday - Mon. Nov 26