Does CBD oil work for migraines? Benefits and risks
Cannabidiol oil comes from the marijuana plant, but it contains only trace amounts, if any, of the compound that produces a high. While cannabidiol oil has no psychoactive effects, it may relieve pain, and it shows some promise as a treatment for migraines.
Medical News Today - Sat. Apr 28
Soaking in hot tub improves health markers in obese women
According to new research, obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS may be able to improve their health outlook with a particularly enjoyable form of therapy regular sessions in a hot tub. The research found that soaking in a hot tub several times per week for two months results in improved measures of cardiovascular health, beneficial changes in fat tissue and other improvements suggestive of a reduced risk of diabetes or other metabolic disorders. ...
EurekAlert - Sat. Apr 28
Music intensifies effects of anti-hypertensive medication
In addition to remembering to take the medication prescribed by their cardiologists at the right times and going to the trouble of making healthy lifestyle changes, patients with high blood pressure hypertension can include a pleasing beneficial activity in routine treatment of the disease thanks to the discovery that listening to music significantly enhances the effect of anti-hypertensive drugs. According to a study conducted by researchers on the Mar 23 ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 23
Practices with poor prescribing performance more likely to prescribe homeopathy
New research published today by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine finds that general practices in England with the worst prescribing quality scores are 2.1 times more likely to prescribe homeopathy than practices with the best prescribing quality scores. Researchers from the University of Oxford and Exeter University looked at practices that prescribe homeopathy to see if they differ in their prescribing of other drugs. They found that even infr ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 23
Evidence shows noninvasive nerve stimulation may help with hand tremor
LOS ANGELES - People with tremors in their hands from a condition called essential tremor may find some relief from a new, non-invasive type of nerve stimulation, according to a preliminary scientific abstract released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology s 70th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 21 to 27, 2018. Essential tremor is the most common type of tremor disorder and can be disabling for the over 7 million people in t ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Apr 23
How to remove moles: 14 home remedies
Moles are a skin growth that can develop anywhere on the body. Many people would like to remove a mole, but this can be costly. Instead, some people may turn to home remedies. But are they effective and safe
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 23
Fibromyalgia pain relief: 15 natural and medical ways
Doctors are still unsure about what causes fibromyalgia, a condition where a person feels pain despite having no signs of physical injuries or inflammation. However, there is a wide range of natural and medical treatments available that may help with the symptoms.
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 23
Avocado oil for skin: 8 benefits and how to use it
While avocado oil is best known for its uses in cooking, it can also contribute to skin care. The oil is an ingredient in many types of creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens.
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 23
5 best essential oils for varicose veins: Which work best and why?
Varicose veins or spider veins can arise from aging, pregnancy, or sitting down for too long. They also tend to run in families. Along with medical treatments, a person may want to try home remedies for varicose veins, including essential oils.
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 23
Apple cider vinegar and diarrhea: Causes and side effects
Apple cider vinegar has become popular as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Can it cause diarrhea, or might it be used to treat it
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 23
COPD: Tai chi a 'viable alternative' to standard treatment
A new study published in the journal Chest has revealed that the ancient martial art is just as effective as pulmonary rehabilitation for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Medical News Today - Mon. Apr 16
Synthesizing a deadly mushroom toxin
The death-cap mushroom has a long history as a tool of murder and suicide, going back to ancient Roman times. The fungus, Amanita phalloides , produces one of the world s deadliest toxins 945 -amanitin. While it may seem ill-advised, researchers are eager to synthesize the toxin because studies have shown that it could help fight cancer. Scientists now report in the Journal of the American Chemical Society how they overcame obstacles to synthesize the deat ...
EurekAlert - Fri. Apr 13