How to get rid of scabs fast
A scab is a crusty plaque that forms over a wound. Taking steps to support the body s healing process can help get rid of a scab.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 29
Alternatives to popping a cyst at home: Face, back, and neck
An epidermoid cyst, commonly and incorrectly referred to as a sebaceous cyst, is a noncancerous lump beneath the skin that originates within a hair follicle. Cysts can develop on almost any part of the body.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 29
Ear irrigation: Procedure, safety, and side effects
Ear irrigation is an ear cleansing method that people use to remove a buildup of earwax. Irrigation involves inserting liquid into the ears to flush the earwax out.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 29
How to get rid of cradle cap: Natural methods
Cradle cap is a very common skin condition in babies. Gentle oils, massage, and shampooing will usually help the appearance of this benign condition.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 29
Study unravels mechanism behind cilantro's benefits
When it comes to some of the health benefits of cilantro, folk medicine had it right all along, and new research explains why. Scientists have unraveled the molecular underpinnings of cilantro s anticonvulsive effects.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 29
Antioxidant precursor molecule could improve Parkinson's
PHILADELPHIA - N-acetylcysteine NAC is a naturally occurring molecule that replenishes one of the body s antioxidants and now shows potential benefit as part of a standard course of treatment for patients with Parkinson s disease, according to a study published in the journal, Clinical Pharmacology Therapeutics. The study found improvements in dopamine levels, the primary neurotransmitter that is specifically decreased in Parkinson s disease, as well as im ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Jul 22
How to get your voice back: Tips and tricks
When a person loses their voice, it is typically due to inflammation of the voice box, or larynx. Doctors call inflammation of the voice box laryngitis. Resting the voice, avoiding irritants, and potentially using prescription medications may all help.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22
Scar tissue: Causes, prevention, and treatment
When a person has an injury, the body responds by repairing the damaged tissue, which creates scar tissue.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22
Herbs for joint pain: 6 best types for arthritis
Arthritis is a general term that describes a family of medical conditions characterized by joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Herbs and other natural remedies may help relieve joint pain.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22
Sleep aids: Over-the-counter and prescription
Sleep aids are any medications or herbs that help a person sleep. There are several ways in which sleep aids can help people get better rest. Some alter the body s natural circadian rhythms while others block off certain chemicals in the brain and cause a person to feel sleepy.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22
What are the benefits of vitamin C serum? Uses and side effects
Skin care enthusiasts tout vitamin C skin treatments and serums as having a range of benefits, such as balancing skin tone, reducing hyperpigmentation, and reducing the signs of aging.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22
Berberine: Benefits, how to use, side effects, and warnings
Berberine is a compound in several plants, including goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape, and tree turmeric.
Medical News Today - Mon. Jul 22