4 Foods that Contain Vitamin C which You May Have Never Thought
Vitamin C is an effective way to energize our body immediately. Vitamin C has been known to boost our immune system, to energize our body and uplift mood. It is an important component for growth and repairing of tissues in all parts of the body. It helps the body to make collagen, and is popular for healing wounds, preparing and maintaining bones and teeth, for treating and preventing cancer, colds, and other immune related illnesses. These 4 Foods Contain ...
Huffington Post - Mon. Aug 27
Manuka honey for acne: How does it work?
While there are many medical products on the market to treat acne, Manuka honey may be an effective natural remedy.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
Pimples on legs: Causes and treatment
Pimples or a pimple-like rash can develop on any part of the body, including on the legs.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
12 PMDD natural treatment options
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a type of premenstrual syndrome. It causes irritability, anxiety, and fatigue. Medications are available to treat the disorder, but some people may prefer to try natural treatments first to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and alleviate symptoms.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
Egg yolk for hair: Benefits and how to use it
People have been describing egg yolk as a treatment for strengthening hair from as early as the 11th century. Centuries later and people are still using egg yolks and whites to treat hair that is dry or damaged.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
Grover's disease: Symptoms, causes, pictures, treatment
Grover s disease is an uncommon but potentially debilitating skin condition. Doctors are not yet sure what causes the disease or how to cure it, but treatments are available to manage the symptoms.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
How to gain weight quickly and safely
While obesity is becoming a significant public health risk, being underweight can also cause health problems. However, there are still many misunderstandings about the correct methods for putting on weight safely.
Medical News Today - Fri. Jun 1
Honey for asthma: How does it work?
Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is a common ingredient in cold and flu remedies. But can honey treat asthma
Medical News Today - Mon. May 28
The best essential oils for hair growth: Do they work?
There are many essential oils a person can use to promote hair health. These oils are ingredients in a variety of products, including specialty shampoos and conditioners.
Medical News Today - Mon. May 28
Green tea for BPH: Does it work?
Benign prostatic hyperplasia is the medical term for an enlarged prostate. There is continuing research into alternative ways to manage the condition, including by drinking green tea.
Medical News Today - Mon. May 28
Saw palmetto for BPH: Does it work?
People often use saw palmetto as a natural remedy for benign prostate hyperplasia, which is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.
Medical News Today - Mon. May 28
Top 5 tips for boosting your energy levels
Do you often feel tired and wish you could be more energetic and able to take better advantage of your time Read on for Medical News Today s top tips on how to feel more awake.
Medical News Today - Mon. May 28