12 Natural Sunburn Cures
by the editors of Prevention magazine Your day of summer fun is winding down and what do you know You got burned and now you need a sunburn remedy . You know that UV exposure can cause skin to age quickly and trigger skin cancer, but despite your best efforts to protect your skin from sun damage with sunscreen , you ve gotten this painful, itching, and swelling sunburn. Try these home solutions recommended by experts to quell the discomfort and reverse the ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
Meditate For Peace And Heal The Planet
In the aftermath of recent global shootings, bombings and terrorism, many wonder how to prevent future violence. Now recent research reports group meditation can decrease and prevent violent crime, terrorism and war. The researchers suggest positive societal trends may be created in a unified collective consciousness when large groups of people practice meditation. Here s an antidote to the world s insanity and a way for us to heal the planet. Meditation D ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
4 Foods that Contain Vitamin C which You May Have Never Thought
Vitamin C is an effective way to energize our body immediately. Vitamin C has been known to boost our immune system, to energize our body and uplift mood. It is an important component for growth and repairing of tissues in all parts of the body. It helps the body to make collagen, and is popular for healing wounds, preparing and maintaining bones and teeth, for treating and preventing cancer, colds, and other immune related illnesses. These 4 Foods Contain ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
Thoughts On Depression
The passing of Chris Cornell sparked stunned sadness in many people, in no small part because his lyrics, music, and signature singing style had given shape and meaning to their own struggles with isolation, with depression, with despair. His music helped a generation feel less alone. He couldn t give himself the same comfort he gave others and left. He left just as my best friend left in 2012, after she fought a long, hard battle with depression. After ho ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
Why I Am OK With Having A Disorder
I have post-traumatic stress disorder. I ve had it since 1997 after witnessing a freak accident that took my father s life. I have lived with this disorder for half of my life, but today, thanks to much therapy and learning the tools to help with my PTSD, I am happy and living a purposeful, fulfilling life. It took me a number of years to get to this place. There were times when flashbacks of the traumatic event prevented me from doing things with my life, ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
Watch Out For These Landmines As You Navigate Your Company's Open Enrollment
Welcome to open enrollment season at the office the limited window each year when you make what are arguably your most important health care decisions with the barest amount of real understanding. While there is an abundance of information out there to help you , you wouldn t be crazy to think that things aren t always as they appear to be. Insurance terminology can be misleading Maximums aren t really the most and a copay isn t the same as a coinsurance p ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Feb 22
How to get rid of milia: Treatment, prevention, and causes
Milia are small, yellow or white cysts that appear in clusters, usually on the face. They are often found in newborns but can affect people of any age.
Medical News Today - Thu. Feb 22
How to stop a runny nose: 5 natural and home remedies
A runny nose can be one of the most annoying symptoms of the common cold. Thankfully, there are several natural and home remedies to try.
Medical News Today - Thu. Feb 22
UNIST researchers reveal how one bacterium inhibits predators with poison
Infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria, such as salmonella, pneumococcus, and cholera have continued to be a major problem for patients with compromised immune systems, as well as for premature babies. Bdellovibrio and like organisms BALOs are bacterial predators that attack and feed on other gram-negative bacteria without harming humans. Therefore, the use of predatory bacteria has been suggested as an alternative approach to tackle a range of drug-r ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Feb 22
Study Finds Options to Opioid Use After Knee Surgery
Alternative drug-free interventions to manage pain, including acupuncture and electrotherapy, may help reduce the need for prescription painkillers after knee replacement surgery, a new review suggests. As prescription opioid use is under national scrutiny and because surgery has been identified as an avenue for addiction, it is important to recognize effective alternatives to standard pharmacological therapy, which remains the first option for treatment, ...
Healthday - Mon. Feb 19
Aromatherapy: The Scent of Dispute
Aromatherapy is an affordable, accessible natural path to relief for a variety of health problems, ranging from arthritis pain to nausea to drowsiness, supporters insist. But skeptics dismiss any claims that the use of essential oils from flowers, herbs and trees can promote health in any way. And both sides are unlikely to relinquish their positions anytime soon. Aromatherapy works for so many different things, it is amazing, said Kelly Holland Azzaro, a ...
Healthday - Mon. Feb 19
Sex Lives Often an Overlooked Casualty of Traumatic Brain Injury
For the more than 3 million Americans living with traumatic brain injury, there is often an unspoken problem Many suffer from sexual dysfunction, something that is easily overlooked as patients struggle with overwhelming physical and emotional issues that can last for years, new research has found. The sexual difficulties usually become most apparent about six months after the injury and, if left unaddressed, worsen with time, said study author Jhon Alexan ...
Healthday - Mon. Feb 19