Does forskolin work? Uses, risks, and benefits
With almost two-thirds of adults in the United States being overweight or obese, it is no surprise that the use of weight loss supplements, such as forskolin, is commonplace.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 13
Apple cider vinegar for hair growth: Does it work?
Apple cider vinegar has never been so popular and is credited with all manner of health benefits, from aiding weight loss to stabilizing blood sugar levels.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 13
Raw milk may prevent allergy and asthma, but is it safe?
Raw milk has been linked to lower rates of allergy and asthma. That being said, it can also harbor deadly bacteria.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 13
Treating acute pain in opioid-dependent patients -- Review and recommendations
September 13, 2017 - As healthcare providers see more patients with opioid abuse and dependence, they face a difficult challenge What s the best way to manage acute pain without contributing to the patient s opioid use disorder OUD A review and recommendations for acute pain treatment in patients with OUD is presented in in the September October Journal of Trauma Nursing , official publication of the Society of Trauma Nurses . The journal is published by W ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Sep 13
For City Kids With Asthma, Nearby Green Space Is Key
Living near a park can help reduce asthma symptoms among children who live in cities, researchers say. The new study included 196 inner-city children in Baltimore, aged 3 to 12 years, with persistent asthma. Some lived close to a park or other green space, while others were more than 0.6 miles away from one. The farther the children lived from a park, the more asthma symptoms they had over a two-week period, the study found. For every 1,000 feet between th ...
Healthday - Fri. Sep 8
Health benefits of oolong tea
There is a record of tea being used as a beverage in China since 2,000 B.C.E. Besides water, it is consumed more than any other drink around the world. The four main types of tea are black, green, white, and oolong.
Medical News Today - Thu. Sep 7
Lecithin: Benefits, risks, and types
Lecithin describes a group of fatty substances found in plant and animal tissues. Lecithin is essential for proper biological function. A commercial form of lecithin is commonly used in the preparation of food, cosmetics, and medications, as it extends shelf life and acts as an emulsifier.
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 6
Killing cancer with vitamin C: Hype or hope?
There are few cancer treatments that give patients long-term hope of survival. Could vitamin C be the missing link
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 6
Four effective gingivitis home remedies
Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease, which in turn, can lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, gingivitis can be treated easily at home, but which home remedies work best
Medical News Today - Wed. Sep 6
Yoga and meditation improve brain function and energy levels
Practicing brief sessions of Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation can significantly improve brain function and energy levels, according to a new study from the University of Waterloo. The study found that practicing just 25 minutes of Hatha yoga or mindfulness meditation per day can boost the brain s executive functions, cognitive abilities linked to goal-directed behavior and the ability to control knee-jerk emotional responses, habitual thinking pattern ...
EurekAlert - Wed. Sep 6
Seven home remedies for shortness of breath
Shortness of breath, or breathlessness, is when a person has trouble taking in enough air to breathe. It can range from mild to severe.
Medical News Today - Tue. Sep 5
Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?
Hypnosis has been treading the line between quackery and therapy since around the 18th century, but recently it has been picking up steam as an alternative treatment for many disorders. What is hypnosis, does it work, and if so, how We investigate.
Medical News Today - Tue. Sep 5