13 (Non-Pharmaceutical) Ways to Deal With PTSD
Creative Commons image Apothecary cabinet, courtesy of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Flickr. On Oct. 28, 2000 I witnessed the murder of my dear friend Wendy, and the shadow of that trauma has shaped my life ever since. But that s not my whole story, nor do I want it to be. I can almost hear Wendy out in her Great Beyond singing, Finally, Sezin. Finally. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is like any chronic illness -- it needs managing. So, each da ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
Yoga and Prison Rehabilitation Programs
This is an interview with Kathryn Thomas. Before training as a yoga instructor, Kathryn was a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator flying SH-60 helicopters. She suffered a permanently disabling non-combat related injury in 2011, and was medically retired from active duty in 2013. She moved to Kailua, Hawaii, to join her husband in 2012, and rediscovered yoga as a means of coping with the emotional and physical challenges of her injury. My practice gave me new d ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
The Top 3 Myths of Adrenal Fatigue
1. Adrenal glands get fatigued. 2. Your adrenals need lots of pills. 3. You are stuck with adrenal stress. Do you tend to gain weight easily Ever feel weak, tired, stressed, anxious, or dizzy Some would say you have adrenal fatigue. Today, people talk freely about their adrenal glands being shot or fatigued, and there is growing industry of supplements called adrenal tonics. Meanwhile, conventional doctors claim there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue. [ ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
Beauty "Tricks" From My Grandmother's Garden
These tricks are really not tricks at all. My grandmother and her neighbors all gathered beauty supplies from their local farmers market long before it was trendy to do so. They picked fruit from their gardens and used it as masks and creams. Doctors would prescribe various teas as remedies. And worried mothers would keep cinnamon and garlic nearby for sick children. Bosnia healed itself with the stickiness of honey, the crunch of dried herbs and the slipp ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
Confessions of a Reformed Dieting Junkie
My life revolves around healthy food. I was born into a household that believed in natural health, where a vinegar compress was considered to be the best fever remedy, and private yoga classes were hosted in our living room long before yoga studios adorned every street corner. When I grew to adolescence I took things further and began focusing a lot of attention on the food I consumed. This obsession hasn t left me, and now a good part of my work focuses o ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
Are Carbs Evil?
Can you believe just a few decades ago, fat-free foods were the rage I remember one evening, a very fit friend offered huge bowls of jelly beans and pretzels to our group as an evening snack. She was so happy that these foods were perfectly healthy because they were fat-free. Today, people are much more wary of carbohydrates than fats. A few months ago, I was hanging out one evening with a different group of health-conscious friends. The evening treat of c ...
Huffington Post - Thu. Aug 24
Eleuthero: 12 potential health benefits
Eleuthero is a plant that has been traditionally used as an immune system booster and a general stimulant.
Medical News Today - Thu. Aug 24
Does laser therapy for knee pain work?
Laser therapy is an alternative treatment for some types of pain, such as that often associated with the knee. Research on laser therapy is preliminary, and most insurers still consider it to be experimental. However, some studies show it can alleviate pain, including knee pain.
Medical News Today - Wed. Aug 23
Box breathing for anxiety: Techniques and tips
Box breathing, sometimes called square breathing, is a simple tool for managing anxiety.
Medical News Today - Wed. Aug 23
Does platelet-rich plasma for the knee work?
Platelet-rich plasma makes it possible to heal painful knee injuries, using a person s own blood.
Medical News Today - Wed. Aug 23
Lavender: Health benefits and uses
Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean.
Medical News Today - Wed. Aug 23
Aromatherapy: The Scent of Dispute
Aromatherapy is an affordable, accessible natural path to relief for a variety of health problems, ranging from arthritis pain to nausea to drowsiness, supporters insist. But skeptics dismiss any claims that the use of essential oils from flowers, herbs and trees can promote health in any way. And both sides are unlikely to relinquish their positions anytime soon. Aromatherapy works for so many different things, it is amazing, said Kelly Holland Azzaro, a ...
Healthday - Wed. Aug 23