Many Don't Tell Docs About Using Alternative Therapies for Pain
Many Americans with chronic pain who use alternative therapies -- such as acupuncture -- don t discuss these treatments with their doctors, a new study finds. Our study confirms that most of our patients with chronic pain are seeking complementary treatments to supplement the care we provide in the primary care setting, lead author Dr. Charles Elder, an affiliate investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, said in a Kaiser news releas ...
Healthday - Mon. Jan 18
Yoga Gaining in Popularity Among Americans
Yoga is increasingly popular among U.S. adults and children, two new government surveys reveal. One survey found a little less than 6 percent of adult Americans said they had tried yoga, tai chi or qi gong back in 2002, but that figure jumped to slightly more than 10 percent in 2012, fueled mostly by yoga. And a second survey that focused on children found a similar trend Yoga had been tried by about 1.7 million children in 2012, representing an increase o ...
Healthday - Mon. Jan 18
A Sense of Purpose May Benefit Your Brain
Having a strong sense of purpose in life may lower the likelihood of brain tissue damage in older adults, new research suggests. Autopsies conducted among adults in their 80s revealed that those who felt their lives had meaning had far fewer macroscopic infarcts -- small areas of dead tissue resulting from blockage of blood flow. This kind of brain tissue damage is believed to boost the risk for developing dementia, movement problems, disability and or dea ...
Healthday - Mon. Jan 18
Impotence Drugs Don't Fix All Sexual Concerns: Study
Popping a little blue pill doesn t guarantee that an older man will be happy with his sex life, British researchers report. Men who take drugs like Viagra and Cialis continue to express more concern and dissatisfaction with their overall sex life, compared with men who don t suffer from erectile dysfunction, according to results of a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Manchester. These men also are more likely to worry about their erectio ...
Healthday - Mon. Jan 18
25 Million U.S. Adults Struggle With Daily Pain
Pain is widespread in much of America, with more than 25 million adults -- 11 percent -- suffering on a daily basis, a new national survey reveals. And approximately 14 million adults -- roughly 6.4 percent -- experience severe pain, which can be associated with poorer health and disability, researchers found. Other national studies of chronic pain have yielded similar results, said study author Richard Nahin, an epidemiologist with the National Center for ...
Healthday - Mon. Jan 18
CU Anschutz School of Pharmacy study shows medical marijuana decreases migraines
AURORA, Colo. Jan. 15, 2016 - Patients diagnosed with migraine headaches saw a significant drop in their frequency when treated with medical marijuana, according to a new study from researchers at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. The study, published this week in the journal Pharmacotherapy , examined patients diagnosed with migraines and treated with medical marijuana between ...
EurekAlert - Mon. Jan 18
5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee
There s no time of year we love to sleep in more than winter. Colder temps, shorter days, and a later sunrise make it all too tempting to stay in bed and put off the start of your day.
Huffington Post - Mon. Jan 18
Let's Take the Stomachache Out of Health Care Reform: One Patient's Story
In discussing health care reform, it s easy to become mired in statistics and abstractions, so let s examine it in personal terms. Here s the story of a patient I saw recently that provides a specific example of what medicine does now -- and what, in my view, it must learn to do.
Huffington Post - Mon. Jan 18
Acupuncture Relieves Stress: New Understanding Of Why The Ancient Pra...
Good news, acupuncture fans It really does help relieve stress. And now, a new study is giving a closer look at why .
Huffington Post - Mon. Jan 18
Blueberries, citrus fruits and red wine associated with reduced erectile dysfu...
Flavonoid-rich foods are associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction - according to a new collaborative study from the University of East Anglia UEA and Harvard University. Research published today in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that eating foods rich in certain flavonoids is associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction in men, with the greatest benefit in those under 70. Of all the different flavonoids, Anthocya ...
EurekAlert - Thu. Jan 14
Most top-selling, over-the-counter sexual treatments unproven, some could be h...
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - January 11, 2016 - From horny goat weed to ginseng and maca, over-the-counter dietary supplements sold to improve male sexual health contain a wide variety of natural ingredients. Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reviewed the scientific evidence for the most common ingredients to determine if they are effective - and most importantly - safe. The results are published online ahead of print in the Journal of Sexual Me ...
EurekAlert - Tue. Jan 12
Can meditating reduce blood pressure?
Transcendental Meditation involves sitting comfortably and closing the eyes for 20 minutes, twice a day, to achieve a quality of rest in the mind and body. A new study suggests the technique stimulates genes that produce telomerase - an enzyme linked with reduced blood pressure and mortality.
Medical News Today - Sun. Jan 10