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VedaPulse – Health Pulse Analysis System for CAM

Location: Beijing, China 065001
Description: Our company would like to introduce a new concept of health analysis for the specialists of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine – VedaPulse™ Professional Digital Pulse Analysis System.

How it works:

VedaPulse™ offers a line of innovative software solutions for holistic practitioners, which function by using the data from the HRV/ECG assessment of a client using a special device, connected to the PC or laptop. After the assessment, software algorithms transform this data into 25 software modules, for both health analysis and personalized recommendations.

VedaPulse™ plays a major role by bringing objective data from the pulse analysis of a health state and serves as a supportive hardware and software system for making right wellness decisions in the context of client’s health.

By introducing VedaPulse™ to your clientele, you offer them a solution that is:

- Accurate (more than 85%), proven by clinical studies;
- Cost-effective (increases average bill by broadening the range of services offered by a ptactitioner);
- Covers a wide range of naturopathic approaches (25 modules on different modalities of traditional medicine, from Ayurveda to Acupuncture and Physiotherapy);
- Provides visualization and supports wellness decisions, offering a multifaceted approach to health recovery;
- Embedded telemetric function (cloud service connection between Professional and home-use device);

Our company has just launched VedaPulse™ on your market and we currently strive to find reliable partners, interested in providing complete solutions to the CAM market specialists – naturopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners, acupuncturists, nutritional specialists, Yoga instructors, physiotherapists and others.
Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2018
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