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Seeking Acupuncture Treatment

Balance system

Type: Acupuncture
Location: Port Wing, WI 54865
Description: Had a medical mistake made by taking me off medicine for thyroid I had been on for 9 years, tripped thyroid into over reacting, breathing difficultires, a-fib-heart reaction, 4 days in hospital and now back on the medicine with some problems left. Feel I need to get my energy in balance. Will be scheduled for a cardioversion for a-fib shortly pending thyroid lab reportd on Jan 3.

I am currenty available (except Jan 3) anytime- You can schedule an appt for me startting after 10 am. (need to make sure roads are cleared off as I come ftrom Port Wing.

I have seen you before-
Thank you.
Sharon Graham.
Urgency: Within days
Posted: Friday, December 28, 2018
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