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Empowerment, Transformation and Ultimate Health!
Incredible Health, Incredible Life!
Now you can transform pain, stress, chronic health issues & emotional concerns to become empowered using the natural & effective healthcare system of Chinese Medicine.

What we do here at Between Heaven and Earth is called Alchemical Acupuncture. This is Traditional Acupuncture, with no separation between TCM and 5 element.

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Alchemical Acupuncture

Is going back to Chinese medicines roots, back when there was no separation between the emotional, physical and spiritual. Traditional Alchemy is turning lead into gold, and that is what we strive for here at Between Heaven and Earth. Working together we take what you are experiencing as unpleasant, restrictive, painful, uncomfortable and damaging (the lead) and through deep work on the physical, emotional and often spiritual level we transform it into gold. Therefore not only do you experience relief from what has been troubling, but a new invigorated you on all levels.

Often we see Chinese Medicine in the West following or emulating the Western Medical Model, reducing this inclusive and expansive tradition into mechanistic protocols. These protocols can be very effective; however the deep work of transforming the dis-ease at the root is often forgotten.

By working with Alchemical Acupuncture the potential for transformation, gained insight into your own personal workings and freedom from what has been restricting you is limitless. The only limit that we experience is the limit we place on ourselves.

This system blends together 5 element acupuncture (emotional and spiritual based) and what is called in the West Traditional Chinese Medicine (physically based) for a rich and powerful treatment that lasts. This blended or old tradition is often what is takes to support us in making the deep transformations in our lives for comprehensive and freeing experiences from all that holds us back from our true potential of complete wellness and health.

We also offer Nutritional Guidance, Guided Stress Reduction, Visualisation and Meditation Techniques and Support for a well rounded and complete approach to your Health.

We have been serving the Boulder area for 5 years now and have been honoured to serve all that have come through our doors.
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 Cosmetic Acupuncture  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
 Cupping  Tuina
 Dietary Therapy and Nutrition
 Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)
Bachelor Degree of Science Honors degree in Traditional Acupuncture and 5 Element Acupuncture from The London College of Traditional Acupuncture 2004.
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