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Chan Hur

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Be Free from Pains, Discomforts, Diseases
We are specialized in atopic skin (Eczema), fungus toenails, and all kinds of pains, discomforts and diseases.
Eczema is due to the heat produced in the body. This heat consumes moisture and body fluids causing itchness. The heat is produced by the specific body organ, which every case is different by each person. As soon as this heat is removed, there is no more itchness. We have treated most eczema cases within one month, more than 90% using acupuncture and herb. A few cases took 2 months.
Fungus toenails, so called, is a serious disease. To me it is not fungus. If fungus, it must spread to another toenails, as we wear tight socks and shoes..However many people have only one fungus toenail, not spreading to another next one. This means this is liver problem originally. This progresses for a long time and results in fungus toenails. Some have one toenail, but some have more than 2 and the worst case is all 5 toenails. Besides every one has different colors, black, white and yellow. The shape also is different. This indicates the patient has good potentials such as diabetes, bell's palsy, high blood pressure or even stroke. We recommend you have to treat this immediately. Please don't wait. The above serious symptoms would not wait for you.

We are able to release pains immediately, such as neck and shouder pains. As soon as we tap needles, many feel the pain disappear. This happens more than 50%. Some take until needles are pulled. However if this symtom is directly related with heart, it may take a longer period. In addition, we use the Korean 4 needle technique.

Call now and make an appointment. You are going to be free from any pains, discomforts and diseases.
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