Acupuncturist and Alternative Medicine Doctor in Needham, MA

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Boston Acupuncture Clinic and Boca Raton Acupuncture

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Boston Acupuncture helps reduce your stress and pain level.
Acupuncture helps you live a happy and healthy life
I have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs for 24 years. Combing my western and Chinese medical knowlege, I can treat the following condition with quite high succesfful rate.: Acid Relux , Acne Allergic Rhinitis,Anxiety, Depression, Stress Reduction,Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis
Allergies: Asthma, Hay fever, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue ,Diabetes,Dizziness, Facial Paralysis, Fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Colitis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, impotence, irregular heart beat, Infertility
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),PMS / Menopause, Migraines/ Headaches, neuropathy, nerve damage, prostate problems, restless leg syndrome, Sciatica, sinus infection, Stroke Recovery , urinary tract infection
vertigo, Weight Loss. Using my 24 years of experiences and instinct, I can help patients to find the root causes of their illness, thus they can save money and time to achive the best result.

Researches have proven that acupuncture can relieve pain by increasing your pain threshold and by releasing your body's own painkiller endorphin. The combined treatment protocol of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help you feel better, function better, increase the quality of your life and prevent some serious diseases.
Information about your health will be collected by asking, palpitating, looking at your tongue and feeling your pulse. A diagnosis will be given based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine.
Very fine needles will be inserted into some chosen points. Appropriate herbs will be provided when necessary. Treatment periods are designed to remedy each individual's unique problems.
For most chronic conditions, once a week or twice a week treatment for the first couples of weeks, then once a month or every other month for the maintenance until you are satisfied with the results.
Graduate of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
Professor and clinical supervisor of New England School of Acupuncture.
Research Acupuncturist at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute
PhD in Medical Science and practiced as a physician in China
More than 20 years of experience in Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Consultant for Health Grid Inc.
Author of "Acupuncture and Hormone Balance"
Practice Areas
 Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine  Classical Acupuncture (Van Nghi)  Gua Sha
 Auricular Acupuncture  Classical Acupuncture (Yuen)  Lifestyle Counseling
 Dr. Tan's Balance Method  Cosmetic Acupuncture  Massage Therapy
 Bodywork  CranioSacral Therapy  Moxibustion
 Chi-Akra / Facial Acupuncture  Cupping  Shiatsu (Acupressure)
 Chinese Herbal Medicine  Dietary Therapy and Nutrition  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
 Classical Acupuncture (Five-Element)  Electro-Acupuncture  Tuina
 Acupuncture (NCCAOM)  Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)
 Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM)  Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)
 Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Trained in China in western and Chinese medical fields. Researcher in Massachusetts General Hospital.
Payments Accepted
Cash, check, credit cards
Hours:Mon-Thur 8:30-4:30, Sat 7:30-2:30
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475 Hillside Ave., 3rd Floor
NeedhamMA 02494
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