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Gouri Maharaj, BPE. Med. MH. PhD. CHHP.

Gouri Maharaj, BPE. Med. MH. PhD. CHHP. photo
Hypnotherapist/Light Therapy & Holistic Health Practitioner
Holistic Diabetic and Lifestyle Changing Progams.Wt.Loss.
I have offices in New York City and in Trinidad & Tobago. I also do phone or internet consultation when possible. All visits are be appointment only. Most of our natrural medicine in manfuactured by our affiliated facility in Long Island New York and pateints are able to get all their suggested supplemnets and natural medicine at our location or posted to their home or place of choice. I am able to send natural medicine/supplements to most countries.
My practice include but is not limited to the following:
Yoga theapy:
The practice of which will be able to assit in healing the body, mind and spirit by combining the energies of the body, mind and spirit for the single purpose of Health, Happiness and Harmony (Tripple-H).
Getting yourself to the lowest level of activity brings the mind to the highest level of excitablity. one is able to understand themselves better in relation to their environment and others. The capability to cope with situations and harness energies that are not possible under normal conditions is realized.
Light Therapy. Parapsychological approach to a body, mind and spirit approach to helathy living is essential in this modern era. Energize your body, mind and soul with soft sweet light and special guidance to rediscover your true self.
Herbal detox waste loss and weight loss programs: Get customised programs for intercellular level dotoxification. Clean your body at cellular level. Eiminate free radicals and toxins. You may not be tired but really toxic. As a sponge soaks up water so does fat soak up toxins. Let me show you how to get rid of "cemented fat" from your body, Reshape your entire physique. You will love the way you look and feel.
Lyfestyle changing programs: Specialized programs to reverse lifestyle diseases. Diabetes, Hypertension, certain types of cancers and heart diseases may be reversable. Let me evaluate your lifestyle and let you know if it is worth it to continue living the life you are at present. You can reduce the intake of drugs or even eliminate them totally from your lifestle. Examine a holistic approach to healthy living.
preventative programs:
programs that will reduce for lifestyle diseases and keep you at the optimal level of health. slow down the agaiing process and prevent Disease, Disaster and Despair (Tripple-D). Let me help you to balance your metabolic functions, lower your metabolic age and enhance oxygenatiion at cellular level.
ozone therapy: Using ozone.
I am holistic health practitioner, board certified hypnotherapist, yoga therapist, light therapist and a practicing naturopath in New York City and Trinidad & Tobago. Being awarded a commonwealth scholarship I studied physical Education and health at a UNESCO center in South East Asia. Here Ideveloped a keen sense of diagnosing pproblems related to physical deformities and sports injuries. Here I exposed to many innovative aspects of healing, and an awakening of a new dawn in my life as I entered the institute of Yoga and cultrual sysnthesis, in Lonavala, Pune, India.
Here I realized that Medical Science does not have the answer for the achievement of optimal health at this time. Some of those answers were found in Yoga therapy and natural health practices.
Having over twenty five years of experience in Yoga therapy and being awarded a doctorate in Holistic Theology for Brentwick University, London, England, graduating suma cum laude, I feel honored to serve my country and my community and humanity as a whole.
My offices are conveniently located in New York City and Trinidad & Tobago. In Trinidad I do in-house programs at our health facility. Here you can have a 10-12 day "health vacation with a purpose." You can have personalized guidance and all programs and meal plans-etc. are specially prpared for your helath conditions.
I have done extensive research in diabetes and related lifestyle diseases. The result was condensed in my books "Diabetes, Reversing it Naturally and The Biogenic Secret of Food." They are both available at any of my offices and also online at www.gsmhealth.com.
Are seeking optimal health by diligent practice of natural health principles ? Call me, I offer consultation at my offices as well as when possible on the phone.
I firmly believe that education is better than medication and I go the extra mile to make certain that knowledge is shared with everyone in the most economical manner.
You can benefit from my preventitive, lifestyle changing and even reversal of certain conditions, programs. Whatever is the problem there is a solution if you look hard enough. I do not promise to add years to your life but I do solemnly promise to add life to the years that you have left, if you give me the opportunity to assist. Of course if in the process you do the things that will add years to your life then you have succeded.
Remember: Today is a cure tomorrow is a disease.
Practice Areas
 Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.)
I graduated in the first three percentile in my class with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and health, LNCPE, University of Jiwaji, Gwalior India; with first division in theory and a second division in practicals.
At the institute of Yoga and Cultural synthesis, I studied yoga therapy. Here I took part in research process which to this day has left an invaluable positive impression in my body, mind and soul. This allows me to use my expericence in yoga therapy to assist my patients to reach optimal health through the uniqe process of combining energy and transfering energy.
I earned a Masters' degree in Education with a major in behavorial psychology, Bhopal University, Bhopal, India; first division.
After attending the Hypnossi Institute in New York, USA, I was awarded a masters' degree in Hypnotherapy.
I also completed an advanced research program in Hypnotheray and is certified by both the North American board and by the Europen board as an esoteric hypnotherapist.
Having completed a doctorate in holistic theology at Brentwick Univerisity, London, England; I feel greatly honored to have been awarded a "PhD, suma cum laude."
Since a teenager I have been involved in voluntary community work. This type of work alllows me to visit many churches and community halls where I will assist in many aspects of duties.
National guild of hypnotistis.
American board of hypnotherapy.
American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
The Heritage Registry of Who's Who.
The Cambridge Registry of Who's Who.
Divine life society. International.
TM. International.
Shrivishwa Kashi Mandir inc. Bronx, USA.
Sarvadeo Mandir, Qns. NY, USA.
USA Pandits' Parishad NY, USA.
Other Languages
Hindi And Urdu.
Payments Accepted
Cash and major credit cards
Hours:By appointment only
Cost/Session:one time consultation fee-$120.00. conditions apply.
License:NA. in the State of New York.
Within New York City
Bronx & Manhattan Offices
BronxNY 10466
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