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Lok-Kwan Cheng, LAc

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Effective treatment for complex, difficult conditions
Addiction, migraines, anxiety, depression, obesity, and pain
Acupuncture works by mobilizing and regulating the energetic system of the body to prevent and treat disease. Drop a pebble into a pond and you see ripples. The effects of acupuncture are just as immediately felt. The medicine I offer is 'rooted in the Spirit', meaning that the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects are always taken into consideration in understanding and treating a disease.

Complex and difficult conditions become treatable when we understand that they are not separate entities but stages of transformation. Whether the problem is migraines, high blood pressure, low back pain, anxiety, insomnia, low energy, or hair loss, knowing how diseases move and mutate within the body to affect different functions and organs points the way to cure. Energy medicine is not deterministic. It is an open system that allows for transformation. There are always alternative ways to understand and solve a problem. There are always possibilities for change.
Lok-Kwan has two office locations. The Lakeview, Lincoln Park, office is only ten minutes from downtown Chicago. The Wilmette office is centrally located to serve Evanston, Winnetka, Glenview, and Glencoe.
Lok-Kwan was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He started practicing Qigong and Chinese martial arts when he was a teenager. After he came to the U.S. he continued his internal practice with Master Wai-Lun Choi of Chicago and served as his assistant instructor for many years. In the nineties his tenure as secretary of the Midwest Buddhist Council enabled him to learn and practice meditation closely with monks from many traditions. At the same time he studied Zen Shiatsu with Wataru Ohashi Sensei and became a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor. In acupuncture and Oriental medicine he studied with the renowned Daoist teacher Jeffrey Yuen who is his biggest influence in theoretical understanding. He learned auricular acupuncture under the mentorship of Dr. Richard Niemtzow, the creator of the Battlefield Protocol who was instrumental in bringing the practice of acupuncture to the US Armed Forces. Lok-Kwan also uses Master Tung's Miraculous Points and studied with Dr. Young Wei-Chieh, the foremost authority on the subject.

His aspiration is to live and work in harmony with nature and help others do the same. Eschewing modality and stylistic divisions he offers integrated treatments combining acupuncture, herbs and bodywork to achieve the best therapeutic results.
Practice Areas
 Acupuncture (NCCAOM)  Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist, State of Illinois
National Board Certified in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, NCCAOM
Instructor and creator of Inner Gate Qigong curriculum
Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, PCOM
Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor, Ohashi Institute, 2005
AOBTA Certified Shiatsu & Tui Na Practitioner, 2005
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, U. of Wisconsin, Madison
Other Languages
License:Licensed Acupuncturist
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