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Acupuncture was developed in China many centuries ago. The Chinese call acupuncture Zhue Jiao, which means "needle heat". The needle regulates an inner force called "Qi", which is responsible for the health of the body. The regulation of Qi using acupuncture can restore physical health, give a release from stress, or improve physical or mental health in other ways. A very healthy person should have Qi energy flowing freely in several distinct pathways, and these pathways are like the roads for maintenance crews. Freely flowing energy distributes everything the cells need, and take away what waste is produced. This produces not only physical, but also mental, health. If Qi is stopped at some point, there will be some symptoms, often a physical illness. The acupuncturist will determine where the needles should be placed in order to return the flow to normal, or as close to normal as is possible. This might happen in one treatment, or a series of treatments. Many Chinese get acupuncture treatments regularly in order to stay healthy, to keep their Qi flowing at a nearly ideal level. In several places in China, a practitioner of acupuncture gets paid only as long as their clients remain healthy, not when they get sick.

If you think like the Chinese, you may want to visit your acupuncture clinic regularly to maintain an optimal flow of Qi, and to maintain really good health. A particular health or emotional problem may need only one or two visits, or might require a series of up to eight visits or more, depending on the problem. During a visit, the acupuncturist may insert several needles, and not necessarily at the same points from visit to visit. As the condition improves, a different set of locations might be chosen to affect a change in Qi flow to move even more quickly to good health. Sometimes the needles are inserted just underneath the layer of the skin, while at other times some of the needles may be inserted up to a depth of three inches. Insertion of the needles usually does not hurt at all. Some clients remark on an occasional pinching sensation when a needle is inserted. Once the needle is in place it can easily be forgotten. Sometimes there is a pleasant relaxing or warm sensation around the insertion point, which is an indication that the Qi flow is being redirected in the right manner.

Acupuncture is a very good way to correct a number of illnesses, and one of the best ways to maintain health on a regular basis. This introduction gave a brief overview to encourage you to consider acupuncture as a health option. More and more insurance companies are giving coverage for visits to an acupuncture clinic, and this should be explored.
I began studying oriental medicine and yin/yang nutrition in the mid seventies with Michio Kushi at the Kushi Institute in Boston, and was past director of the Macrobiotic Center of Rockland County, NY in the eighties. Over a period of 30 years I have been involved in the care of tens of thousands of patients. I initially began the study of acupuncture in the seventies while having had lived in Japan and had at that time apprenticed with several well known oriental medicine practitioners. I performed clinical rounds at five well known Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals in Shanghai, China over a two year period. I currently specialize in treating musculoskeletal and internal medicine conditions as well as providing treatment for facial rejuvenation, weight loss and smoking cessation. We use the highest quality herbal and nutritional formulas at our facility.
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