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Scottsdale doctor, Phoenix doctor or wherever you need a holistic healing doctor in the Valley, Southwest Integrative Medicine can help with the kind of alternative medicine doctor you need for natural healing - from Fountain Hills, to Mesa and Tempe, to Cave Creek and Carefree. Our naturopathic medicine therapies include nutrition, acupuncture, and more, addressing:

Weight loss
Hormone imbalances
Thyroid problems
Back pain
Chronic pain management
Integrative Cancer Therapy
Digestive disorders
Skin conditions
Sleep disorders

With a holistic healing doctor, expect something different from conventional medicine. Instead of solutions focused on prescription drugs, your alternative medicine doctor will focus on naturopathic medicine and nutrition, emphasizing the body's ability to heal itself. We use medications only when necessary. Your Scottsdale doctor or Phoenix doctor will explore all the natural therapies for hormone imbalances, weight loss and more before prescribing medications.

As our alternative medicine doctor will share with you - be it a Scottsdale doctor, Phoenix doctor or otherwise - wellness is inherent in everyone. Your holistic healing doctor will take a whole-person approach to your health - from hormone imbalances to weight loss - creating a nutrition-focused naturopathic medicine program.

So whether you're looking for a Scottsdale doctor or a Phoenix doctor, depend on an alternative medicine doctor with extensive training in natural healing therapies, like acupuncture. Depend on a Southwest Integrative Medicine holistic healing doctor, serving:
If you want holistic health, you need a doctor that takes a holistic approach to medicine and your health. Holistic medicine embraces conventional and alternative medicine as part of the whole. This type of medicine is also known as integrative medicine because it integrates both together. No one could deny the incredible advances in conventional medical sciences. These advances have brought a vast understanding to the physical processes of the body, but little understanding to matters of the mind and spirit. We know that stress, major life changes, and other mental / spiritual problems can have a large impact on our physical health. This is where eastern medicine (alternative medicine) shines by offering practical and effective solutions for these problems.

The doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine bring the knowledge of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern medicine together. Their patients get an unbiased approach to medicine as a whole. One way to think about what they do is simply, bridging the gap between alternative medicine and conventional medicine. Their slogan seems to say it best though, "East meets West - A holistic approach to modern medicine."

As they have learned from many of their patients, this integrative approach is a welcome change. Many conventional doctors shun the techniques of alternative doctors, and alternative practitioners do the same to conventional doctors. "We embrace the whole of medicine, concerned only with finding the right combination of treatments that work for our patients." See what others are saying about the integrative doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine.

Three basic principles inform our integrative and holistic approach:

1.Medicine as art
2.Reverence for the wisdom of nature
3.Patients at the center of care
In both Eastern and Western medicine, our doctors have completed rigorous medical training at accredited medical schools. They use their training in both modern and traditional techniques to integrate scientific and empiric knowledge. Most importantly, this training is reflected in the quality of care that each patient receives.
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 Classical Acupuncture (Yuen)  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
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 Cosmetic Acupuncture
 Acupuncture (NCCAOM)  Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.)
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