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Xilin Jordan

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Xilin Jordan
Xilin F. Jordan is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, holding an NCCAOM diploma, and licensed in three states. She was born and primarily trained in China, and completed four years of further study in Oriental medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, where she earned her American degrees and expanded her knowledge of Western medicine as well. In addition, Dr. Jordan absolved a personal apprenticeship with the noted acupuncturist Dr. Zhang Zheng Hai in China, where she continues periodically to work in teams with other doctors at hospitals in Zhu Hai, Shijiazhuang and Nantong, treating conditions such as post-stroke syndromes, Bell’s palsy, muscular disorders, head, back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain, and various chronic diseases. In her private practice, Dr. Jordan has also emphasized women’s problems, including issues of fertility.
From her training in the healing professions, Xilin Jordan, who practiced both Qi Gong and meditation for many years and also recently completed an advanced course in Taiji Quan with Master Fang Jian Da in China, not only acquired a strong belief in a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle but emerged as a passionate practitioner of the Chinese healing arts. Her dual background predisposes her to combine facets of Eastern with Western medicine into treatment modalities adapted to the individual patient. Through her combination of knowledge and sensitivity, Dr. Jordan’s treatment fosters experiences of deep relaxation of body and mind and helps to promote an overall improvement in health.
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