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Integrative Natural Medicine makes us different
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Integrative Natural Medicine is a system of medicine that I have evolved over the last 20 years. It involves looking at and restoring the whole of one’s health by blending 2 great medical systems: Chinese Medicine and Modern Functional medicine.

It is based on 3 very simple core principles that are organic and fundamental to how we function.
These are:

1. The body is self healing and can recover from any condition as long as one is functioning as close to 100% as possible.

2. In order to restore and preserve health to 100%, one must remove any barriers to the healing process and restore the body’s natural ability to recover.

3. INM can identify and remove the root cause of most conditions allowing the beings to return to health and happiness.

How to find the ROOT CAUSE

In INM, the root cause is in the diagnosis. We use diagnostic methods developed over thousands of years in Classic Chinese Medicine which includes palpation, in-depth pulse assessment, tongue analysis and observation combined with modern scientific developments such as digital meridian testing, cutting edge blood tests evaluation, hormone testing and more. Once we determine what areas of your body may not be functioning well, we can then plan a treatment strategy.

How Do We Treat You?

After determining a root cause, we restore function and remove any underlying obstructions to your healing, naturally. The bases of our treatments are found in the 5 disciplines of Oriental Medicine which are:

1. Mind/Body Therapy
This includes relaxation training, qi gong, tai chi or yoga, physical activities or therapeutic exercise.

2. Herbal/Supplement Therapy
We use both high-grade, top-quality and safe Chinese herbal therapy in modern formulations along side of scientifically therapeutic supplements customized for each person.

3. Acupuncture
The act of inserting very fine needles into certain designated areas along the body’s meridians. Each spot on the body is associated with a different function, and a licensed acupuncturist knows exactly where to put the needles to release the Qi/Blood, or energy, the body needs to regulate itself. Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal itself, and that is the miracle of the needles.

4. Dietary Therapy
Our approach to nutrition is not just about eating the right foods but eating them in a way to get the maximum nutrition from them so that your body will absorb what it needs. We address not only what to eat but also how you eat, seasons, specific conditions…etc.

5. Tui Na / Therapeutic Massage
Tui Na is a therapeutic technique designed to help improve blood flow and remove toxins. Therapeutic massage also relaxes the muscles and helps to put the mind into a state of relaxation, or Delta state. This is the slowest of the four brainwave frequencies, and certain frequencies will trigger the release of human growth hormone, which is beneficial in healing and regeneration. When the brain is this relaxed, your body begins to heal more quickly — again illustrating the strong connection between brain and body. We routinely use all the above therapies in combination in order to get the best results quickly. Each person’s program is carefully tailored for the individual as we are all unique, requiring adjustments for age, sex, culture, past history and present conditions.

You do not have to be sick to come to our practice. IN FACT, most medical experts including cardiologists and oncologists agree that the best time to deal with ANY disease is BEFORE it occurs. Many of our diagnostic methods can pick up early risks of heart disease, cancer and degenerative conditions. Don’t wait till you need a doctor to assist you with your health. Let us assess you NOW.

Kenneth Hoffman D.Ac. (RI), L.Ac. (CT), CCH
Our Medical Director and Founder

Bruce Roff L.Ac.
Senior INM practitioner

Dr. Craig Pannone, ND
Naturopathic Physician
Practice Areas/Issues Treated
 Acupuncture / Alternative Medicine  Lifestyle Counseling
 Auricular Acupuncture  Master Tung's Acupuncture
 Chinese Herbal Medicine  Moxibustion
 Classical Acupuncture (Five-Element)  Naturopathic Medicine
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 Cupping  Tai Chi Chuan
 Dietary Therapy and Nutrition  Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
 Dr. Tan's Balance Method  Tuina
 Laboratory Testing
 Acupuncture (NCCAOM)  Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM)
 Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)  Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM)
 Master of Traditional Medicine (MSTOM)  Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
 National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine  Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Florida State University- Undergraduate studies in Psychology
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine -4000 hr/4 yr graduate studies in Chinese Medicine
Nabudripad's Allergy Eliminations Seminars- 8 years training under the founder
Neurological Relief Center-s training in specific techniques for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine- Diplomate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology
Dr Ken started private training under the tutelage of a Taoist medical and qi gong master in 1991 where he began learning the art of Chinese healing through qi gong, herbology, tui na (Chinese medical massage) and Tai Qi. This culminated in a sabbatical to Taiwan where he lived and studied Chinese healing arts in Chi Nan Temple.
He then went on to finish a 4 year Chinese Medicine program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His internship was held at St John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers working with many difficult cases.

In 2002, Medical Infrared Thermography was added to the practice. Kenneth eventually became a founding board member and trainer for the Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology. This led to mentorship with some of the best functional MD’s in the country. Specifically, Functional Endocrinology and women’s health has become a primary specialty in the practice.

Dr Ken is a senior associate at Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence ans well as medical director for Sophia Natural Health Center in Brookfield, CT. Combined, These centers are the largest alternative medicine centers on the East Coast serving thousands of patients every month
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License:222(RI), 314(CT)